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We Are Sugan Uniforms

Uniforms mean much more than we perceive. They are not merely a top and tunic with schools monograms embroidered, uniforms speak volumes about who the wearer is, where he belongs to and what he does.
Uniforms are an attitude that students wear to the school. Students are not dressed in uniforms but responsibility and discipline in its contour. They provide a sense of uniformity and unity within the school and promote the character of a student.
Uniforms have always been important to Indian schools. However, things have changed today because now is the world of style. Even students want to feel smart in uniforms they wear to school and at the same time comfortable. And Sugan Uniforms do this job in so very accomplished manner!
We, at Sugan Uniforms, are a group of motivated people who want to create not just uniforms but a lifestyle We believe school uniforms ought to be comfortable and exciting and at the same time speak volumes about your school and its ethos. That is what Sugan Uniforms has been doing since Past 45 years
We not only stitch uniforms that are unique but also design them with great creativity keeping in mind your school colours as well the comfort of the fabric. We are inspired and novel in our designs and keep on top with the industry standards. Our talented design team utilizes the latest design technology, colour palettes and an extensive selection of fabrics with their experience and expertise to bring your visualization into veracity. And all this being in schedule and budget!
We are Sugan Uniforms... A design house, a creativity studio, a motivated and a visionary uniform company who believes in bringing difference to your school through our uniform story

Comfortable Uniform for
Healthy and happy Children

Out of 24 hours in a day, a child wears his school uniform for at least 6-8 hours and those students who are in day boarding wear their uniforms for longer hours. Thus, it becomes imperative for the parents and the school to ensure that the school uniform they wear is comfortable and made of good quality materials cotton fabric or a cotton-rich blend. Many students complain of common skin ailments as psoriasis, eczema or dermatitis, which are caused owing to prickly materials of clothing. As a result. Children who are uncomfortable, or who have a skin condition which becomes irritated during the school day can be distracted from their learning. That is the reason why Sugan Uniforms recommends only lightweight uniform materials for its young patrons, which has plenty of room and avoids chafing. All our uniform are of high quality that suit best in the weather condition of Chennai. We understand that children wear school uniform for at least 190 days every year So it is important that they are not spending that time feeling itchy and sore and instead stay healthy and happy and concentrate on their studies.
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