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Our Products

Designing/ Styling/ Embroidery

Nothing can beat the smartness of a well designed uniform. Skirts are chic and trousers smart if right styling and designing go into it. Be it the cut, length, plates, or fabric, Sugan ensures a great combination to make your school uniform iconic.

Sugan crafts uniforms that are trendy and well-fit. Be it A-line, Princess-cut, Empire-line. Drop-waist, V-necks, Shawl-neck, Shirt Collar Round Neck. Bows, Sashes, or Button, Sugan adds to the fashion statement of comfortable uniforms. Checks, Plaids, and Tartans when clubbed with bold colours, gathers, and pleats, the outcome are durable, comfortable and beautiful outfits Uniforms designed at Sugam are an idiom of schools character and the students' own!


Accessories add to a lot of excitement to school uniforms. We often don't realize that even a small accessory can add so much of strength to the smartness quotient of uniforms. Be it belts, ties, bows. socks, shoes or bags, our accessories are stylish and make children stand out in their school uniforms.

Sportswear At Sugan

Regular exercise is very important for children to stay healthy and fit. And equally important is to wear comfortable clothing and accessories while exercising to ensure comfort and safety! Sugan recommends sportswear or activewear for practical, comfort and safety reasons during sports and physical exercises in school. Our range of sports specific garments include shorts, tracksuits. T shirts, tennis shirts and polo shirts. Specialized garments include wet suits for swimming and Karate dress, to name a few. All our sportswears are made with thermal insulation properties to allow wearers to stay cold during hot conditions and warm during cold conditions. Moreover, it helps in transferring sweat away from the skin. Our moisture wicking Sports wear are deigned to provide master control for the wearer. They move perspiration away from the body to the fabric's outer surface where it can evaporate These fabrics typically are soft, lightweight, and stretchy-in other words they are perfectly suited for our round the clock active school kids